The boats add to the colour and flavour of the Festival and of course are what Foxton and the locks are all about.


We would love it if you would like to bring your boat to the Festival - see below for more details.

2019 Boat Booking Form

We have a good selection of historic, private and trading boats at the Festival.

We try to allocate trading boats between the top lock and Bridge 60 but if we have a lot then some trading boats may be allocated between bridge 60 and the Festival site

Booking forms available now


There is always a variety of trading boats at the Festival from cheese, sweets to those selling handicrafts and 'boaty' bits.

If you have a boat and would like to volunteer to be 'harbour master' or any other roles please email  for more details of duties involved.



Boat moorings are allocated by the Moorings Coordinator Rosemary - - and priority for moorings near the Festival site will be given to trading boats plus those whose crew are volunteering at the Festival or are exhibiting.


Signs reserving spaces will go up in the week before the Festival for those early arrivals

Boats line the towpath leading from the car parking to the Festival